What is Manglik Dosha ?

Published: 22nd December 2011
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The term Manglik comes from the term Mangal or Mars. Manglik dosa is the difficulty due to the planet Mars in wedded life of an individual. It said in the scriptures of Vedic Astrology when Mars sits in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house with respect to Lagna or Ascendant, Moon or Venus the person becomes a Manglik. If a Manglik marries a non Manglik then there can be death to the other person or separation in that relationship.

From my knowledge as an Astrologer it is not true every time that Manglik marrying a non Manglik would lead to separation or death of the other partner. This lead me to research further and I have come up with cases (obviously from the scriptures) when this yoga gets cancelled even when Mars sits in the above-mentioned houses. I will come to that discussion in the later part of the article but for now I would like to discuss why the above mentioned houses are careful evil for marriage.
1st house or Lagna is 7th from 7th. 7th is the Lagna for the married partner and 1st house is makara house or end of life for the married partner.

2nd house is the 8th house from 7th. As a result it shows danger and difficulties to the partner.
4th house denotes domestic environments. According to sages evil planet occupying 4th or 8th from a bhava spoils the bhava. Hence Mars in 4th is evil with respect to health and belongings of the native.

7th house shows the legal bondage and health, long life and characteristics of the partner. So Mars in that house is not conducive to the above benefits.

8th house shows difficulties of the native and finance and fortune of the partner. 8th house is also called Mangalya Sthana or duration of married life so Mars there is not good for married life.

12th house indicates the real pleasure which an individual have after marriage. Mars position here is not conducive to happy married life.

When does the Manglik dosha gets cancelled?

1. Mars is in Scorpio ( Vrischika ) or Aries ( Mesha ) there is no dosha
2. Mars in Venus sign cannot do harm if it is the 4th or 7th house.
3. Mars in Mercury sign will have its evil warded off if it is the 2nd house.
4. Mars has no dosha in the houses owned by Sun, Moon and Saturn.
5. Mars has no dosha if it occupies Jupiter sign and the house happens to be the 8th house.
6. Mars if conjoined with Jupiter or Mercury it looses its does not give evil results.
7. Mars if conjoined with Moon it looses its power to do evil.

Who should marry whom?

1. If, in the bride's chart, there is Mars Dosha select such a bridegroom who has more or less similar Mars Dosha.

2. If, in bride's chart, there is Mars Dosha due to its relative position counted from Lagna or Moon or Venus and there is modification due to some disposition or conjunction with the modifying planet or aspect by a benific match with that of the bridegroom in whose chart also there is dosha of Mars and also the modification.

3. If there is no dosha at all in the bride's chart match it with one who has no dosha at all.
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